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B. Acoustics:

Our acoustics elements are made of different materials and include barriers, noise absorbers, vibration dampers and their composites, for various applications serving a large spectrum of noises at extreme ranges of temp.(-)200-(+)1000ºc and different environments.  

B1. Acoustic barriers: these elements attenuate the noise passing between both sides of walls.

The barriers have a vibration-dumping layer on the bottom side and the topside may have noise absorbent foam.

Other applications with Aerogels and fabrics can function in environments with very hot temperatures. The attached table explains the barring effect of various composites according to spectrum of noise frequencies. 

The main applications are in military transporters and industrial holes.  

B2. Noise absorption of Polyurethane-Polyester foam in reference to   frequency spectrum.

B3. Noise absorption of Melamine foam in reference to frequency spectrum.