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Auxiliary material

Auxiliary material
E. Auxiliary materials:

E1. Adhesives:
Silicone based materials are defined as having 'low surface energy' and are therefore problematic for good adhesion.
Regumi has the capability of getting these materials bound together by a development unique PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) tape and by using special methods to glue and connect such materials, thus creating a durable and long lasting product.
This PSA is used on rubber foams, fabrics, films and foils, in consideration of required features such as temperature resistance, shear, and adhesion.

E2. Fabrics:
Most thermal & acoustical insulation panels have weak or uneven surfaces and need to be covered and protected.
Regumi uses various fabrics for blanket covers, to resist tear abrasion and liquids absorption also in extreme temperature range.
Among these fabrics we define fiberglass, silica fabric and Kevlar's textiles. Some of them are laminated (silicone, aluminum foil, Mylar, steel foil).