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רגומי 1978 בע"מ

Silicone rubber and foam rubber

Foams and Rubbers

A2. Silicone rubber and foam rubber:

Silicone rubber in the past few years has become the leading material within the technological industry due to its unique qualifications:

1)Temperature maintains durability between (-) 70-(+) 260ºc. 

2)Fine retention and excellent compression set. 

3)Excellent environment durability and long shelf life. 

4)Extraordinary flexibility. 

5)Used as fire retardant, does not release toxic gases while in fire. 

6)Widespread application in the food, pharmaceutical and electronic industries. 

7)Unique application in military products.                  

Seats for navy military vehicles, F16 pilot seat cushions and helicopters. 

The materials and the unique seat design absorb vibrations and improve comfort. 

Protective devices for unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAV) to eliminate damage to wings.

8)Heat conductive silicone rubber, silicone coated fabric and silicone foams, for heat discharge in electronic equipment and in electric car batteries.