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Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation
C.Thermal insulation:

Regumi uses various groups of thermal insulating materials divided by temperature application ranges for continuous service.

C1. Temperature range (–) 40ºc (+) 130ºc:
Technical rubber foams such as Neoprenes, EPDM, Nitril, PVC-NBR, P.E. The suitable material will be applied according the system requirements.

C2. Medium temp. range (-)70ºc - (+) 260ºc.
Based mainly on silicone foams. Silicone foams are durable in extreme environmental conditions for long periods of service.

C3. Extreme temperature range: (-) 200ºc - (+) 680ºc:
The high-tech thermal insulation using mainly the Aerogel family materials with lowest K factor, 3 to 4 times lower than conventional insulators applied in engines missiles and furnaces, very effective in thin layers specialized as fire blocker, and water repellant. Successfully used in “Rafael project” as well as in the UAV (Unmaned Aviation vehicles) industries.

The Aerogels pass Boeing BSS 7239-88 test for toxic gas generated by materials on combustion.

The material permitted for use as insulation in civil aviation.

k factor
Thermal insulation
1. Thermal insulation flexible blankets and rigid insulators for continuous service range (-) 200°C - (+) 1200°C.

2. Digital designed, 3D customized, foldable, low volume, light weight, for heavy duty performance.

3. Construction: Multi-layer various insulation products.

3.1 Central core; foams of Melamine or silicone, Pyrogels or Ceramic felts.

3.1.1 Mini K - Very effective thin insulators for 600°C-1200°C. Expensive but effective 3-4 times than equivalent Ceramics.

3.2 External covers; special style woven sealing fabrics, made of fiberglass, Silica or Kevlar fabrics also aluminized or silicone laminated.

4. Processing: special resins impregnated, glued and press molded composites. Flexible parts or rigid CNC treated.

5. Special characteristics: absolute sealing dust free products, fire proof (UL94 V0).

6. Auxiliaries and reinforcements:
Sewn with special super strong threads made of Kevlar, fiberglass, silica, and also threads reinforced by stainless steel core.
Exclusive types of thermo-setting glues and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA) activated in high temperatures.
Insulation parts can be attached by grommets and pins.
Wrapping covers targeted for extreme temp engine exhausters (over 600°C).

7. Specially developed assigned technology available even for small serials.

8. Reasonable cost with small investment (including NRE) even for small series.

9. Targeted markets: heavy duty engines and exhausters, extreme hot ovens, aviation and other projects requiring extreme heat protection.
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מהדורת מפרט:
תאריך המהדורה:
מק"ט חומר:
RG-F22 * RG-F32 * RG-F42
מאשר המפרט:
לואיס סנסלסקי
Felt P/N (*)RG-F22
Intermittent temperature C°1260C°1400C°1430
Continuous temperatureC°1000>C°1150>C°1250>
Density Kg\m³96/128/16096/128/16096/128/160
Average tensile strength @128Kg/m³75KPa75KPa75KPa
Linear shrinkage(1000°Cx24hr)≤3%(1000°Cx24hr)≤3%(1000°Cx24hr)≤3%
Chemical composition Al2O3 43-47 48-52 30-35
Al2O3+ Si2O2 98 99 85
Fe2O1 0.4> 0.2> 0.2>
Z1O2 - - 13.5-17
Na2O3+ K2O 0.3 0.1 0.1
Thermal conductivity coefficient K- (W/m.k) – RG-F42 (**)
Temperature↓Density 96Kg/m³Density 128Kg/m³Density 160Kg/m³
(*) Alternatively are offered shaped and molded panels with higher densities.
(**)The other 2 Felts show almost the same K values.
new thermal insulation chapter
new thermal insulation chapter
new thermal insulation chapter
new thermal insulation chapter